What are legal options available for the contractors to enforce payment? 

In many instances, contractors put in all the work and comply with the terms of the agreement; however, they receive less or no payment. In the event that the contractor has performed in terms of the contract, but refused payment, there are legal grounds available to the contractors to pursue legal action and recover payment […]

My child is being bullied at school – can the law assist?

In recent years, reports of bullying incidents have been on the increase in schools and have reached a point where some have tragically resulted in loss of life, causing a growing concern amongst parents. Bullying can take many forms, some more severe than others, and affects victims in various ways. Sadly, due to technological advancements, […]

Die koste verbonde aan ‘n onsuksesvolle regstryd

Ek het onlangs iemand gedagvaar wat my R50 000 skuld. Die hof het bevind dat die leningsooreenkoms ongeldig was en dat die bedrag gevolglik nie aan my verskuldig was nie. Die regskoste is daarna in die ander party se guns op ‘n party-en-partyskaal toegeken. Wát moet ek betaal, en hóé word hierdie bedrag bereken? ‘n […]